CLC Club Info


​           ​                        ******Please be courteous of others and clean up after yourself when using CLC warm up shelters******


Somewhere between 23Dec17 and 03Jan18 someone mistakenly removed the elk horns from Spanco's property. Maybe, said person, thought they were not wanted but this is not the case. We would like to have the rack returned so we can hang them back on Spanco's now that the roof repairs are complete. If you have them or know who does we would really appreciate having them returned.


On the off chance that anyone reads this please be aware of the very dangerous conditions when coming into and or leaving Spanco's shelter from & to the north. There is a real bad ice situation that is next to impossible to get through without sliding into the ditch off the side. Water is running over the ice making it very slippery and we want to advise riders we strongly recommend you avoid this area. The trail from Pasqua Lake to Spanco's is fine however going beyond Spanco's is not recommended.


A big thank you goes out to John McNally, Joan SPannier, Tim Hollerbaum and Bill Hubble for setting up and showing up when we hosted the Prairie Women on Snowmobiles on Sunday, 04Feb2018 for coffee and muffins at "The Fort". The women were very grateful however it was a little disappointing that we were the only 4 club members out to attend. You can check out a photo of the group here under February pictures.


Well, a crew consisting of Tim Hollerbaum, Robert Whiting, Nelson Ingham, George Ingham, Nicholas Ingham, Garnet Spanier & Bill Hubble showed up to demo the old Termite Inn shack. We were able to pull it over and cut it up. We burned as much as we could and the rest we hauled to the dump. By 1pm there was nothing left of Termite Inn. I would like to thank all those that showed up for a job well done. I expect members will be plenty surprised at what Rooster's looks like now. It is the new jewel of our shelters. Check out the pictures of the demo here. You can check out the demolition video and burning here.


Thanks to Robert Whiting, Tim Hollerbaum and Garnet Spanier for all the work they have been doing at Rooster's shelter. Robert has installed a new stand up bar and thanks to Tim Hollerbaum and Garnet Spanier for installing a metal cage around the stove for drying. Tim has also installed a big ass yard light at Roosters. Check the pictures out here!


Tim Hollerbaum and Dwayne Gafencu cut down a big tree and cut and split the wood for the outdoor fire pit at Spanco's. (check out the pictures here) Now if we could only get some snow!


Well Tim Hollerbaum and Robert Whiting have been busy at Rooster's. They have installed some electrical, trimmed out the new window and relocated door and have also built helmet shelves above the benches. This warm up shelter is starting to look  good! Check out the pictures here


A huge thank you is in order for the following people, Garnet Spanier, Robert Whiting, Jamie Fiesel, John McNally, Caleb Klotz, Eric Lunnin, Dwayne Gafencu and of course our President, Tim Hollerbaum. These people showed up on Saturday to help haul wood to Spanco's and Rooster's. It was good to see such a great turn out. There was a total of 10 truck loads hauled and both wood sheds are now full.


Darold Eklund has been busy with renovations to Rooster's shelter. He has moved the door from the front to the back of the shelter. It will be the new entrance to the new woodshed. Darold installed a new window in the shelter to add more light. Thanks to Ken Wierl for assisting Darold with this work and also thanks to Tim Hollerbaum for hauling fuel for the generator and handing the electrical adjustments required for these renovations.


Thanks to Darold Eklund and Ken Wierl for jacking up Rooster's. The floor is now level. We do expect some settling so if you notice a little spring in the center we are waiting to see how much settling we have. Now the big job begins!


Tim Hollerbaum, Garnet Spanier and Rob Whiting moved the old woodshed at Rooster's to make room for the new deck that is being built there. The yard was cleared behind Rooster's and the old woodshed to make room for a new woodshed that will be attached to the back of Rooster's and a new fire pit behind the old woodshed. Once the new woodshed is built we will move the wood from the old woodshed to the new woodshed and demo the old woodshed.


A big thanks goes out to Kyle, John, Caleb and Kyle Jackson for building the new "You are Here" sign that is located at Robo Sales. They did an excellent job building this sign. We would like to pass on a huge thank you to Rodney at Robo Sales for allowing us to locate this sign on his property at Robo Sales.


We have put the final touches on the new metal roof at Spanco's. Thanks goes out to Darold Eklund for handling this job for us. I think the roof is proof that you can turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. Spanco's roof is purdy....


Well Co-op did not get our material in today so the roof completion at Spanco's will be delayed until the last week of November!


Darold and his secret helper installed most of the metal roof today. We are missing a couple pieces of gable edging, roof cap and ran out of screws. Should have this project completed by 16Nov17. You can check out the pictures in the Photo Gallery, just click this link


Darold Eklund & Bill Hubble started preping Spanco's roof for the new metal that is being installed on the roof. We completed the strapping and the metal should start going up tomorrow. Thanks to Tim Hollerbaum for raking the snow off the roof and removing the flood light and solar panel for us.

Thanks to John, Caleb, Kyle and Jodi for cleaning up the trees along the ski hill (Mission Ridge) trail. 


Thanks to John McNally and Caleb Klotz along with Kyle and Jodi for adjusting the benches and removing the bar and old wood stove from Roosters in preparation for the renovations that will be taking place there.