CLC Club Info


​           ​                        ******Please be courteous of others and clean up after yourself when using CLC warm up shelters******


Well Co-op did not get our material in today so the roof completion at Spanco's will be delayed until the last week of November!


Darold and Rosey installed most of the metal roof today. We are missing a couple pieces of gable edging, roof cap and ran out of screws. Should have this project completed by 16Nov17. You can check out the pictures in the Photo Gallery, just click this link


Darold Eklund & Bill Hubble started preping Spanco's roof for the new metal that is being installed on the roof. We completed the strapping and the metal should start going up tomorrow. Thanks to Tim Hollerbaum for raking the snow off the roof and removing the flood light and solar panel for us.

Thanks to John, Caleb, Kyle and Jodi for cleaning up the trees along the ski hill (Mission Ridge) trail. 


Thanks to John McNally and Caleb Klotz along with Kyle and Jodi for adjusting the benches and removing the bar and old wood stove from Roosters in preparation for the renovations that will be taking place there.